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Tick Tock Energy® developed and trademarked the slogan REDUCE PRODUCE MANAGE® to simply describe the powerful methodology of combining energy-efficiency, solar power and energy management solutions for cutting energy use in buildings.

We are proud to deliver business energy solutions across the Midwest and beyond. These services include LED lighting upgrades for businesses, solar installations, daylighting, power management and more. As of 2017, we have completed projects in nine states including Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri and Nebraska.


Commercial Building Energy Solutions - Tick Tock Energy

Commercial Buildings

From office buildings, banking, retail, big box stores, parking structures and other business properties, our comprehensive commercial lighting upgrades, solar power solutions and power management services can cut electrical use by 50% or more in many situations.

Manufacturing Buildings & Warehouses Energy Solutions - Tick Tock Energy

Manufacturing Buildings & Warehouses

Integrating LED lighting upgrades, daylighting, solar power or our power management services to your facility has a wide variety of benefits. We help manufacturing buildings, warehouses, distribution centers and other similar facilities boost their cash flow with business energy solutions. We reduce energy and maintenance costs and provide other facility benefits like brighter lighting, improved workplace safety, and more. Bundle multiple energy solutions for greater savings and impact to your bottom-line.

C-Stores & Gas Stations Energy Solutions - Tick Tock Energy

C-Stores & Gas Stations

These energy-intensive facilities are ripe for a comprehensive LED lighting upgrade, onsite solar power, and a web-based energy monitoring tool. New LED canopy lighting, LED parking lot and perimeter lighting and interior LED lighting can reduce lighting costs by 60% or more. Solar on the C-Store rooftop or potentially over the canopy can generate another significant portion of the annual store’s electricity needs. Lastly, power monitoring can then drill into HVAC, refrigeration, and overall site energy use to help identify ongoing energy efficiency opportunities.

Truck Stops & Transportation Facilities Energy Solutions - Tick Tock Energy

Truck Stops & Transportation Facilities

We tackle all types of lighting upgrade challenges at truck stops and transportation facilities, such as LED fuel island canopy lighting, LED pit-lighting, maintenance shop lighting, and other outdoor lighting systems. Utilizing solar PV on the plentiful roof space atop these facilities turns an unused asset into a value. As 24/7 facilities, integrating a power management plan with submetering and commodity purchasing boosts savings even further.

Ag Implement Dealers Energy Solutions - Tick Tock Energy

Ag Implement Dealers

The interior lighting for showrooms, maintenance shops and offices along with outdoor lighting is often a major percentage of an agricultural facility’s electric bill. Having completed several lighting retrofit projects for this type of facility, we can quickly identify a great, customized business energy solution for you. Solar power is another great option for harvesting sunshine and converting it to cash flow. For multi-facility owners, a power monitoring system can help account for and manage energy use and costs for your portfolio of locations.

Auto Centers & Vehicle Sales Energy Solutions - Tick Tock Energy

Auto Centers / Vehicle Sales

Outdoor lighting is a major expense for this retail sector and it’s critically important to have optimum nighttime display lighting for vehicles in the lot. With a LED lighting upgrade we can help automotive dealerships massively cut electric costs while boosting light output and quality. Indoor showrooms and maintenance shops are great candidates for daylighting and LED lighting upgrade too. Solar power is great addition for the expansive roof space atop these facilities. Solar is a great complement and conversation starter for dealers who sell electric vehicles.

Big Box & Corporate Retail Center Energy Solutions - Tick Tock Energy

Big Box & Corporate Retail Centers

Corporate “big-box” centers are perfect for commercial lighting upgrades for replacing HID or fluorescent lighting with LED. These stores frequently have expansive parking lots that are also perfect for upgrading to LED. For leased sites, we can work with the owner or property manager to lower operating expenses making commercial property more marketable. Reducing utility costs will increase net operating income (NOI), providing a nice property value boost for the owner. Onsite solar power boosts this benefit even further. Lastly, for multi-location stores, a power monitoring solution can help with on-going energy management initiatives supporting corporate energy management programs.

Medical Marijuana Growing Facilities Energy Solutions - Tick Tock Energy

Medical Marijuana Growing Facilities

Medical marijuana cultivation facilities are energy-intensive facilities, and implementing the right energy solution is crucial to curbing and managing this energy usage. Applying LED horticultural lighting, solar power on the rooftop, and energy monitoring can be key elements of an energy strategy for this facility type. Working with your growers and our LED lighting manufacturers, we provide the partnership to identify and implement the right LED lighting solution to your plant needs. Expansive rooftops are perfect hosts of solar panels to generate power for these energy hungry buildings.

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