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Tick Tock Energy helps individuals and business take control of their energy. We help you Reduce utility costs through energy-efficiency, Produce your own energy with solar and wind power, and Manage your energy to lower consumption and utility costs. Discover who we are or get in touch today to learn more.

Illinois Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

Solar is HOT in Illinois! Here’s why: Illinois is one of just a few states that pay you to generate clean electricity from solar and wind renewable energy resources. The incentive is called the Solar Renewable Energy Credit, or SREC.


Missouri Solar Rebates

Qualify for up to $250 per kilowatt (KW) for residential homes and commercial solar installations. Residential solar arrays up to 25 kW and commercial solar installations up to 150 kW qualify. If you live in Missouri, ACT NOW for this great opportunity.


Farm & Residential

Solar Panels for Farm

Solar Panels for Farm – power your farm and earn a rewarding return on investment (ROI)!

ESCO Tick Tock Energy

Solar Panels for Homeachieve energy independence and shield yourself from rising energy costs.

Wind Turbines

Bergey Wind Turbines – in windy areas, power your farm or rural home with a reliable Bergey wind turbine.

Power Management

Home Power Monitoring – identify specific areas where you can conserve or improve energy efficiency.


Commercial Solar Power

Commercial Solar Powerreduce your reliance on the grid and increase sustainability.

LED Lighting Solutions – brighten your facility inside and out with energy-efficient LED lighting solutions.

Daylighting / Skylights – the true sustainable lighting solution that can transform your facility.

Power Management

Power Management – complete your energy action plan with electricity submetering and monitoring, along with power purchasing services.


Farm & Home Renewable Energy Project

Jim Macari is a successful farmer and businessman who has been a strong supporter of renewable energy his whole life, as well as a repeat customer of ours. He embodies the spirit of pursuing energy independence, at any stage in life.

Tick Tock Energy installed a 10 kW Bergey wind turbine on Jim’s property in 2009, followed by a wall-mounted solar array in 2010, and a second similar solar installation in 2011.

Still an active farmer—while also tending a large garden and selling sweet corn from his pickup truck in the summer—he’s inspired many folks in his area to hire Tick Tock Energy as their solar and wind energy installer or energy efficiency & service company (ESCO). Thanks Jim – we appreciate all the support and inspiration you’ve provided to us and your community!


Commercial Lighting Retrofit Project

There are many lighting retrofit companies on the market today, but the TA & Petro truck stop chain chose Tick Tock Energy as their energy services company (ESCO) for many projects throughout the midwest.  We’ve completed over 50 lighting retrofit projects at various TA or Petro facilities located in eight Midwestern states.

From interior lighting upgrades to LED canopy or specialty pit-lighting upgrades, we have helped this corporate chain boost its facility light levels, capture lighting incentives, and save thousands of dollars on their operating budgets.

As an energy efficiency company, Tick Tock Energy excels at helping large and small businesses with lighting retrofit solutions, energy-efficiency projects, and solar installations. Contact us today to learn more.








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