AllEarth Solar Tracker with 2-Axis Tracking System

The AllEarth Solar Tracking System is a Made in USA, high quality, 2-axis solar tracker. The solar tracker is controlled by GPS and automatically tracks the sun from early morning to late evening. For residential, farm or larger commercial installations, AllEarth sun tracking solar panels are high-end, high-efficiency solar solutions.

Learn more below about the benefits of installing a solar tracking system on your farm or residential property.


Higher Electricity Production for Less Solar Capacity

In Central and Southern Illinois, and nearby Midwestern states, the AllEarth Solar Tracking System will produce approximately 30 to 35% more power on average than a fixed ground-mounted solar array and possibly up to 40% or more in other locations and applications. Capture the entire day’s solar potential, year-round.

Advantages in Areas With Restrictive Net Metering Policies

In locations with netmetering limitations, the AllEarth Solar Tracker is an ideal solution to keep kW capacity down while boosting energy yield (in kWh).  Many homes in Illinois consume 15,000 to 25,000 kWh per year and one or two solar trackers are often an ideal choice for significantly generating significant energy.

Improved Power Output Profile

Since the AllEarth Tracker maintains optimum orientation to the sun, the power output is higher and more consistent per kW of array capacity throughout the day.  A fixed solar array like a roof or ground mount will produce a pronounced bell-shaped curve with higher amplitude and shorter duration.

Rugged Construction / High Reliability

AllEarth is manufactured in Vermont and was engineered to hold strong in the harsh northeast winters.  Rated for up to 120 mph wind speeds and to stand strong in all types of weather, the tracker has a simple design with limited number of moving parts requiring minimal service.  The tracker utilizes industrial/heavy agricultural grade hydraulics for long-lasting durability and reliable performance.

Easy Landscape Maintenance

Mounted on a single pole, the overall solar array is off-ground making landscape maintenance a breeze. The sun tracker for solar panels can be easily activated to lay flat placing the array about 10-feet above the ground when it lays horizontally.

Just Plain COOL!

Generating your own electricity from solar provides a great feeling.  However, an attractive AllEarth Solar Tracker is just plain COOL to look at, too! The solar panel tracking system provides an attractive complement to your rural home, farm or open landscape area.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to discuss how Tick Tock Energy can get you started with a smart investment in a solar tracking system.

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