Teutopolis-based Community Support Systems Now Energized by the Sun

Tick Tock Energy, Pals Electric, and a Private Donor Combined Forces to Bring Solar Project to Life Local solar installer, Tick Tock Energy, recently completed a commercial-scale solar project for the not-for-profit organization, Community Support Systems (CSS), based in Teutopolis, IL. The 62.9 kW installation includes 185 solar panels and is estimated [...]

The interesting sights you see when installing solar

One of the best parts of being a local solar company are the unique and quirky sights you see in customers’ backyards. In our 13 years of being Central Illinois’ go-to solar installer, we’ve seen our fair share or cool and interesting highlights along the way. Here are just a few!   The African Savanna [...]

Farms, Farmers, & the Benefits of Solar

  It's harvest time, which means high electricity bills from grain drying and other farm operations. It's also a good time to think about the benefits of solar for farmers. Energy is a major expense for farms. Converting the sun's bountiful energy is a great opportunity for farmers. Sunshine grows crops, let it power your [...]

Federal Solar Tax Credit Decreasing in 2020! What You Need to Know

As we mentioned in a previous post, the Federal Solar Tax Credit (also know as the Investment Tax Credit or ITC) will decrease incrementally starting in 2020 and expire in 2022. Time is running out to benefit from the full 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit! Here's what you need to know. Residential Solar For tax purposes, residential [...]

Solar Will Make Your Roof Leak! This and 6 Other Rooftop Solar Myths

  There are many myths homeowners run into when researching solar. Some of the most persistent are about how solar can affect your roof. Tick Tock Energy receives these questions often, and we are dedicated to dispelling the many solar myths we run across. Here are XX of the most common rooftop solar myths.   [...]

The Declining Federal Solar Tax Credit and Top Things to Know for 2019

  Many solar homeowners and businesses have benefited from generous federal solar tax credits. But like all good things, these tax credits will end and start to phase-out after 2019 What Are Federal Solar Tax Credits? Since 2005, the federal government has allowed solar homeowners and businesses to claim a 30 percent tax credit against the cost of [...]

Top Solar and Lighting Contractor Celebrates 13 Years in Business

Tick Tock Energy is celebrating 13 years of business in Central Illinois this year. What started as a business venture by brothers Craig, Eric and Matt Pals, in 2006 has grown quickly and is now one of Central and Southern Illinois' leading energy solution contractors. With projects in over 8 states, Tick Tock Energy [...]