Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is frequently neglected due to high maintenance costs.  Mobilizing an electrician, acquiring lifts and replacing parts is a costly deterrent. After years of light degradation and failures, many outdoor exterior light fixtures provide less than desirable light output and have a costly impact on your electric bill.

Commercial LED lighting offers an energy-efficient, low-maintenance solution that provides superior light distribution and brighter lighting.

Quality outdoor lighting has a major impact on the visual appearance of your business, safety and security around your property’s perimeter. Tick Tock Energy offers comprehensive parking lot lighting, street lighting, commercial LED flood lights and related exterior outdoor lighting solutions.


Commercial Parking Lot Lights

Achieve energy reduction by up to 70% with energy-efficient LED parking lot fixtures for various types of applications such as:

  • Parking Lot Shoebox fixtures
  • Parking Lot Cobra Head fixtures
  • Streetlights

Older HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting has high lumen degradation which tends to make your parking lot appear dark yet costly to operate. Our commercial LED solutions are available to address all type of parking lot lighting applications.


LED Canopy Lighting

Gas stations, convenience stores, or C-stores, and drive-through canopies with older surface or recessed mounted light fixtures are great candidates for an upgrade.  An LED canopy lighting upgrade offers a significant opportunity to lower energy costs for those that invest in this cost-effective investment.  Old canopy lenses are usually yellowed, cracked, and sometime full of water, creating a potentially unsafe situation.  The appearance of your facility to your customer may be poor.  Bright canopy lighting is key to attracting weary travelers who may not be familiar with your facility.  Bright, crisp LED lighting will provide tremendous energy savings, a sense of safety, security, and welcome friendliness over your competitor across the street.  The average canopy light is 365 Watts with the ballast. Retrofitting these fixtures with a 105 Watt LED retrofit kit can boost your profit on average of $90 per fixture per year, more than double your amount of foot candles, and make your facility much more appealing to potential clients. Our retrofit system is made in USA and requires no cutting or drilling into your existing canopy.


Commercial LED Flood Lights & Building Wall Packs

Building wall packs and flood lights are a common application on and around commercial and industrial facilities. Older fixtures are typically metal halide (MH) or high-pressure sodium (HPS) type that often provide poor light quality and contribute to light pollution. These older lights also often suffer from high lumen degradation and lenses that turn brittle and yellow from high heat. Older fixtures often get so hot during operation they turn themselves off for built-in protection. After the lights cool and turn back on, they suffer from a long restrike time which leaves an area dark and compromises the area’s security.

Older HID flood and wall pack fixtures typically consume around 295 Watts up to 1,080 Watts per fixture, which makes them a major consumer of electricity.

Eliminate this problem with LED flood lights and building wall packs. HID to LED flood light or wall pack upgrades offer a tremendous return on investment (ROI) through energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.


Specialty Lighting Applications

Some LED lighting installers focus only on the “low hanging fruit” focusing on the easiest fixtures to upgrade.  Tick Tock Energy aims to provide a comprehensive solution to all your lighting problems. If you have specialty lighting needs for flag, sign lighting, canopy, or awning lighting, we have a great LED lighting solution for you. All solutions provide the same great ROI while improving light quality and energy saving dramatically.


Alternatives to LED: High Output T5 Fluorescent Fixtures

In certain instances it’s possible LED is not the proper solution and T5 fluorescent lighting remains a great choice.  We offer fluorescent T5 lighting solutions that are competitive to LED in light output, energy savings, and longevity. T5 still remains a sound alternative to LED in many applications. Contact us today to discuss your facility and how this may be an attractive alternative.


Solar Lighting & Solar Parking Lot Light Poles

During a power outage does your parking lot go dark making it a safety or security hazard? Consider 100% solar-powered LED parking light poles that are independent from the electrical grid. Light poles with integrated LED light fixture, a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel, and a battery system for reliable lighting year-round are great solutions.

When constructing a new parking lot, solar PV powered light poles can eliminate costly electrical installation. This exciting solution also offers a 30% federal tax credit for qualifying buyers. Contact us to learn more.

Usa map night light in vector format

Night Sky Friendly Lighting

The proliferation of exterior lighting and upward glare from fixtures has greatly diminished our ability to see stars at night. Today’s energy-efficient outdoor LED light fixtures are better designed to direct light downward, reducing glare and light scatter. With more efficient design in fixture housing light is focused where needed.  With more light directed down instead of up, your building consumes less power while helping reduce light pollution.

Consider an Exterior LED Lighting Retrofit or Upgrade

There are plenty of factors to consider when planning your LED lighting retrofit or upgrade project. The list below highlights many key points:

  • Height of pole or mounting system
  • Age of pole and its structural integrity
  • Adaptability of new LED fixture to pole
  • Lumen requirements
  • Light distribution requirements
  • Color rendering
  • Maintenance cost of existing lighting
  • Lighting circuit service voltage
  • Recycling issues
  • Utility incentives & tax credits (with solar lighting)

Our lighting professionals will help assess your unique challenges and tailor an LED lighting solution that’s right for you.

REDUCE-PRODUCE-MANAGE® - Going Beyond the Exterior Lighting Upgrade

REDUCE-PRODUCE-MANAGE®  Going Beyond an Exterior Lighting Upgrade

Don’t stop with the exterior lighting! We can help with your interior LED lighting needs too. Adding solar power to your rooftop can generate all the electricity your indoor and outdoor lighting system, or overall building requires.

Contact us today to discuss an LED lighting upgrade, or learn about our other services such as solar energy systems, electric submetering, daylighting solutions and more!

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