Solar Power Systems For Residential & Farm Properties

Solar power provides farms and homes a tremendous opportunity to become more energy independent. Whether it’s a consultation on a residential solar power system or installing solar power systems for farms, Tick Tock Energy can help you get started with your energy needs.

Our experts will guide you through all the steps: from selecting the size of the solar panels, choosing where the panels should be installed, providing a detailed energy and financial analysis, and delivering a professional solar installation.

With a residential solar power system or solar power system for farms, you can start saving money on energy bills and enjoy long-term protection from rising electricity costs.

There are many ways to mount solar power systems. Unless your property or house is surrounded by tall trees, Tick Tock Energy can make solar work for you. We are also a Bergey Wind Turbine dealer and can help with your small-scale wind turbine installation too. Check out more below.



Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Metal or shingle roofs are great locations for residential solar power systems. Turn your rooftop into a power plant so you can cut down on energy spending and boost your home’s value! For more info click here.


Ground Mounted Solar Panels

For properties with a larger lot size, a ground mount option is a great choice and very popular. Ground mounted installations work great as solar power systems for farms and other properties with limited roofing options. For more info click here.


AllEarth Solar Trackers

Generate up to 40% more power per kilowatt of solar panel capacity. AllEarth solar panels can rotate and track the sun from morning to evening, capturing significantly more energy per unit of solar panel than fixed (non-tracking) solar arrays. For more info click here.


Bergey Wind Turbines

In windy areas, a Bergey wind turbine may be a perfect option for your site. In some locations, a Bergey could generate up to two times (2X) more energy than solar.


Wall-Mounted Solar Awnings & Solar Patios

Wall-mounted solar arrays, awnings, solar patios and specialty solar structures are a great option.  Wall-mounted solar arrays help shade buildings reducing air conditioning loads for additional energy savings.  Solar patios provide shade in the backyard or around the pool and look great!  For more info click here.


Off-Grid Solar / Emergency Power Back Up / Demand Management

When the grid goes down, a standard grid-tied solar array will also not operate.  However, simple to more sophisticated options exist for utilizing your solar in off-grid mode, AC-coupled battery backup for handling emergency power needs, or providing demand management capability.  For more info click here.

Electric car at the charging station

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Do you have a plug-in electric vehicle or considering one in the near future?  Use your solar array to charge your electric vehicle!  Fuel your car with free electrons from the sun!  Energy independence is possible by powering your home/farm with solar and replacing gasoline with sunshine!

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