Farms, homeowners, and businesses looking to cut electricity costs and increase energy independance are turning to solar energy installer Tick Tock Energy, Inc. of Effingham, IL.  Tick Tock Energy is now representing the innovative AllSun Tracker™ manufactured by Vermont-based AllEarth Renewables.  The AllSun Tracker™ is a solar photovoltaic (PV) system that tracks the sun and provides on average 40% more electricity output than fixed solar arrays.

The innovative solar tracker systems features either 20 or 24 modules each and provides a capacity of 5 kW to over 7 kW per tracker depending on solar module used.  The reliable AllSun Tracker™ features a 10-year warranty and its industrial-grade, low-duty components have been designed to meet a 30-year lifespan.

The innovative solar array utilizes GPS and wireless technology to accurately follow the sun throughout the day and monitor system performance.  A single 7 kW unit is capable of providing over 13,000 kiloWatt-hours (kWh) per year which is often 50% or more of the annual electricity used by an average-sized Illinois home.

As a pole-mounted solar system anchored to the ground, the AllSun Trackers can be custom designed for just about any home, farm, business, or other building with a small area of shade-free land. Multiple trackers are perfect for commercial-scale projects requiring more electricity.  AllEarth Renewables has manufactured and distributed over 2,250 of the sun trackers systems in the United States so far and demand for the trackers is growing rapidly.  Tick Tock Energy is excited to have partnered with AllEarth to connect more of these units to the grid, boosting the production of clean, solar energy throughout Illinois and the Midwest.

Tick Tock Energy Vice President Craig Pals says the company has already installed four of these systems this year and have several more slated for installation this fall.  “Customers are really excited about how the AllSun Tracker™ looks and performs” he added. Tick Tock Energy handles all facets of the project from planning, site selection, design, equipment procurement,  installation, and assistance with rebates and grants.

Utilizing solar energy, wind power, daylighting and energy-efficient lighting systems Tick Tock Energy is transforming the world around them, one building at a time, providing with energy solutions and independence.   The company has completed various energy upgrade projects in 9 states ranging from Nebraska to Pennsylvania and from Michigan to Arkansas.  For more information on how to generate your solar electricity with the efficient 2-axis AllSun Solar Tracker™ or through its other services, contact Tick Tock Energy at 217-994-9020217-994-9020 or visit their website at   They are located at 702 N. Keller Drive, Suite B, in Effingham, IL.