Roof Mounted Solar

Fall Harvest Feature: Solar for Farms

As October comes to a close and we enter the season of Thanksgiving, our team at Tick Tock Energy would like to thank the farmers across Central Illinois and the Midwest who are involved in producing the food that we eat. Solar energy is the fuel that grows crops. It can also be converted into valuable electricity! Tick Tock Energy is proud to have served many small and large farms in the region with customized solar solutions.

If you operate a farm, now is a great time to plan for solar as the fall harvest winds down and planning for 2022 begins. Many farms are energy intensive and solar power is great way to generate a significant portion of farm energy needs, reduce farm operating costs, and hedge against rising electricity prices. Farmers deal with enough price volatility for inputs they buy and the price of the crops they sell. Take charge of your energy independence with a high-quality, long-lasting solar installation from Tick Tock Energy.

Projects of the Month

Illinois is blessed with one of the most prosperous farming regions in the world. Here in Effingham, we are surrounded by world class farmers. In this month’s Tick Tock Times, we recognize two of them: Hartke Farms in Teutopolis, IL and Kieser Farm in McLean, IL.

Hartke Farm, Teutopolis, IL – Solar for Hog & Grain Farm

Family Farm goes Solar

Tick Tock Energy helped owner Chris Hartke tackle his electricity costs with a 156 kW ground-mounted solar array. Chris grew up on this farm and as a young boy helping his dad Chuck who later become Illinois Director of Agriculture in the early 2000s. Chris has operated his hog farm full-time for over 30-years. The Hartke farm is a wean-to-finish hog operation that finishes out approximately 18,000 head annually at 4 farm sites. He also manages a significant grain production operation, creating feed for the hogs and market.

Ground Mounted Solar Array

Leave it to the Sheep!

One interesting aspect of the Hartke array is its location within the sheep fence. His herd of 50 grazing ewes forage on the grass around the ground mounted racking. Unlike pesky goats, the sheep gracefully maintain the landscape without disturbing any of the solar equipment or wiring.

In today’s “gig economy” farmers have side hustles too! Chris’s side project is growing a small pumpkin crop as well! Chris has now expanded his patch up to 2 acres and produces thousands of pounds of pumpkins annually, along with gourds and fresh flowers they sell at a road side stand on the farm.

Find out more information regarding this project here.

Kieser Farm, McLean, IL – Large Grain Farm

Roof Mounted Solar

Harvesting Grain…and the Sun!

When running a large grain bin operation, managing energy costs wherever possible can have a huge effect on profits. Brothers Ron and Joe Kieser of McLean, IL decided it was time to take control of their energy independence in 2019 when they installed a 121.6 kW roof mounted array atop their main office building in 2019. After experiencing success with that project, the team opted to further expand their energy production capabilities. Phase 2 was installed in summer 2021, consisting of an additional 160 kW solar capacity.

Besides harvesting tens of thousands of bushels of grain annually, this innovative operation now harvests the sun to generate clean renewable power offsetting a significant portion of their annual electricity needs.

See more information on this project’s portfolio page.

Illinois Shines – The Solar SREC Incentive is Back

The Illinois Shines program, which had previously run out of funding is back! Find out about this lucrative solar incentive here.