Tick Tock Energy, Central Illinois’ leading solar contractor, wrapped up a 12kW (DC) solar installation on their new Effingham office in mid-June.

The solar system consists of thirty-nine (39) Solar Tech Universal 310W solar panels, two SolarEdge 5kW inverters, and a newly developed racking system from Advanced Racking.

Only recently put into production, Advanced Racking’s new system is rail-free\railless with a matte-black finish. The system aesthetically compliments Tick Tock’s choice of solar panels, which have black-on-black frames with black backsheet for an all-black appearance. It was also an opportunity for the office to install the latest solar racking technology from Advanced Racking.

An added plus to the install is that SolarTech Universal solar panels are manufactured in the United States, making them a premium high-efficiency module that support American manufacturing.

To christen the new installation, Tick Tock had Congressman John Shimkus (R-IL) flip the disconnect switch to start energy production.

Tick Tock’s new solar install will be a useful tool in demonstrating to customers how solar works. It also demonstrates Tick Tock’s commitment to standing by their products and keeps their business operating costs low.

“In addition to keeping our operating expenses low, this install demonstrates our strong commitment to our products and workmanship,” said Tock Tock Vice President Craig Pals. “Not only can solar bring down our operating costs and the costs to any other business, it also looks great and increases our property value.”

Tick Tock’s solar installation is just one more example of how solar can help small businesses take control of their utility costs and put those savings to work growing their business.

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