LED Interior Lights

As one of the premier LED lighting companies in the Midwest, Tick Tock Energy can help you choose an LED lighting solution that works best for the interior of your building.

Below you’ll find an array of LED interior lighting solutions to help lower your bills and boost your facility’s aesthetic:



Make the Switch from HID to LED (high bay or low bay)

The typical HID (high-intensity discharge) fixture operates at 275 or 458 Watts, considering the power used by the lamp and ballast. Replacing your HID to an LED lighting solution can potentially reduce your power consumption by up to 65% and boost light levels typically by 50 to 75%!

HID to High Output Fluorescent

Fluorescent T5 or T8 lighting still offers cost-effective advantages in some situations. However, that is rapidly changing as costs drop for LED lighting.  We can help evaluate if high output T8 or T5 is still a good choice for you.

Consider an Interior Lighting Retrofit

A retrofit involves changing the lamps and ballasts of existing fixtures and replacing with new fluorescent lamps and ballasts, or perhaps with an LED light tube.  An upgrade typically refers to replacement of existing light fixtures with new energy-efficient light fixtures.  Our specialists will help you evaluate if this option is right for your facility.


Achieve True Sustainability with Skylights and Natural Daylighting

Single-story commercial and industrial facilities are perfect candidates for skylighting solutions.  New skylights can be installed as a retrofit of an existing building or installed during new construction.  Eliminate 100% of your electric lighting demand (kW) and energy (kWh) for 8 to 10 hours per day. Once you see the brilliance of natural daylighting, you’ll be convinced of the energy-saving value and appeal!

New fluorescent light tubes on blue background

Fluorescent Lamp & Ballast Retrofits

Are you still using old T12 lighting? Were you an early adopter and already performed a first or second generation retrofit to T5 or T8 years ago? Are your fixtures still in good shape but you’re looking to freshen up your lighting and squeeze additional energy savings? Or, if you have older T8 or T12 lamps, maybe a simple lamp and ballast change is still in your best interest.

Depending on your building’s needs, a fluorescent lamp & ballast retrofit solution may have merit and Tick Tock Energy is here to assist.

Fluorescent Lamp to LED Interior Lighting Retrofits

Use caution before you replace your fluorescent lamp and ballasts to new LED tubes! For existing standard fluorescent fixtures, changing to LED tubes could have potential unsuspected dangers. We’re an LED lighting company that is here to help you navigate the options and choose the correct and safest solution.

movement and sound indoor sensor for automatic switching of light

Occupancy Sensors & Lighting Controls

During periods of low occupancy, turn off the lights! While it may seem easy, many lighting circuits can make this difficult to monitor. We can assist in identifying the best approach to sensors or controls to extend your lighting energy savings further.


REDUCE-PRODUCE-MANAGE ®   Going Beyond an Interior Lighting Upgrade

Don’t stop with an indoor LED lighting upgrade or fluorescent retrofit.  We can help with your exterior LED lighting needs, help you add skylights, or install solar power to generate all the electricity your lighting system requires.

Contact us today to discuss an LED lighting upgrade, or learn about our other services such as solar energy systems, electric submetering, daylighting solutions and more!

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