Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting

Cut your electric costs, reduce your lighting maintenance expenses, and brighten your facility! These are the key benefits your facility can leverage with a LED lighting upgrade. At Tick Tock Energy, we have experts in LED lighting and traditional fluorescent lighting retrofit services.  We can help you with the decision-making process between LED lighting vs. fluorescent lighting and design and install a great lighting solution.

Tick Tock Energy specializes in project development of your commercial LED lighting or industrial LED lighting project—all from start to finish, indoor or outdoor.

Our comprehensive lighting services include:

  • performing lighting design services
  • light level analysis and on-site lighting audits
  • handling all paperwork associated with utility incentives
  • providing a turnkey lighting installation
  • responsibly recycle old lighting tubes, ballasts and fixture materials

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What Are The Benefits of LED Lighting For Commercial or Industrial Applications?

With a rapid decrease in LED costs, attractive utility incentives, and high energy savings, LED lighting replacements offer an attractive return on investment. LED lighting solutions for commercial and industrial applications are now available to address all types of lighting situations. From indoor to outdoor, new LED lighting fixtures are available for most applications and deliver outstanding light levels with minimal energy input.

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Additional LED Lighting Benefits

A lighting retrofit or upgrade from old lighting technology to new LED lighting can drastically change the appearance of your facility. The “before” and “after” transformation can be amazing. Consider these additional benefits:

  • Brighter lighting leads to a safer work environment
  • Improved lighting can improve productivity
  • Quality lighting can boost your property value!

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Lower Energy Costs

LED lighting offers incredible light output with very low electricity input. From power demand reduction (kW) and energy savings (kWh, or kilowatt-hours) LED lighting has the ability to make a serious dent in your commercial or industrial facility’s lighting costs.

If you’re still operating old T12 fluorescent, HID (high intensity discharge) or even T8 or T5 fluorescent lighting systems, you can achieve even another level of energy reduction with LED lighting. Every dollar counts to remain competitive in your business, and a new LED lighting system can deliver results to your bottom line.

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Lower Maintenance Costs

Is your old lighting system a maintenance headache and a drain on your operations budget? If you’re dealing with frequent lamp, ballast or fixture outages, it might be time to consider LED lighting technology. With the advantage of longevity and consistent lumen output, commercial or industrial LED lighting fixtures eliminates costly lighting maintenance while maintaining bright lighting long term.

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Utility & Tax Incentives

Local utility companies often have attractive incentives to help pay for your retrofit. Many utilities are focusing on reducing power demand instead of building new power plants or sourcing new fossil or nuclear energy supplies.   Industrial or commercial LED lighting can help lower your power demand and in turn meet the utility company’s goal to eliminate purchasing new power supply.  Many utilities offer lucrative utility incentives, or rebates, to help motivate you to use energy more efficiently.  Additionally, the Federal Government offers businesses the ability to “write-off” lighting upgrades through the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct). Contact us today and we’ll show you how.

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Environmental Benefits & Sustainability

The typical coal-fired power plant requires approximately one pound of coal to generate one kWh (kilowatt-hour) of electricity. Imagine all the tons of coal required to light your facility!  Or imagine the hazardous nuclear waste resulting from nuclear-powered electricity to light your facility. An energy-efficient commercial or industrial LED lighting upgrade can trim 50-80% of your electricity used for lighting. As a result, this can reduce your building’s overall electric bill by 10-50%!

Recycling & Proper Disposal

Removal of older fluorescent or HID lighting technology must be responsibly recycled by a certified disposal service. At Tick Tock Energy, we will remove all old lamps, ballasts and metal parts and ensure they are properly recycled in order to keep hazardous wastes like mercury and PCBs out of the natural environment.

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Financing Your LED Lighting Project

Is capital scarce? Does your company have a lengthy budget planning process where over a year later you find out your project won’t be funded due to other competing priorities?

Time is money! Why wait due to scarce capital? An LED lighting upgrade is a low-risk investment with an attractive ROI. Fund the project and get it going! Click here for financing info.

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Commercial LED Lighting

A high performance lighting system is energy-efficient, if turned off when a space isn’t occupied, and takes advantage of daylight.  We can help integrate all these facets to maximize your energy-savings and light quality.

Your commercial building may feature up to hundreds of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. Your employees and customers have a huge impact on your bottom line, both from an operating cost and income potential. Since light affects human behavior in many ways, a low-quality and expensive lighting system may cost you in more ways you might have not thought possible.

A commercial LED lighting upgrade or retrofit can often pay for the overall project in a short time period based on energy savings alone.   However, when factoring all other residual financial benefits such as human productivity or boost in customer spending, it’s an investment you cannot afford to ignore!

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Industrial LED Lighting

Do you operate a manufacturing or industrial facility? Besides energy-savings, as you know it’s important to make sure work areas have good lighting to help keep your employees safe. If your business has a diligent employee safety training and accident prevention program, but your building has dim or low-quality facility lighting, it’s time to focus on quality illumination.  Issues such as poor light levels, glare, fixture lumen degradation, and color rendering are important operational considerations in additional to low maintenance and energy use.  In a competitive economy, industrial LED lighting can boost employee productivity, greatly reduce your facility’s operating and product delivery costs.

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REDUCE-PRODUCE-MANAGE®  Go Beyond the Lighting Upgrade

While planning your LED lighting upgrade project, it may also be the perfect time to integrate natural lighting with Tick Tock Energy’s daylighting solution. You will be impressed by the high light quality provided by Tick Tock Energy’s skylighting solution.  Turn off your electric lighting system during the daytime hours and light your building with sunshine!

Above the roof and below, we can maximize the performance of your lighting system. Contact us today to discuss an LED lighting upgrade, or learn about our other services such as solar energy systems, electric submetering, power management options, daylighting solutions and more!

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