Our Work is Pearl Certified

You can count on Tick Tock Energy to deliver top-quality equipment and expert installation of your solar system.

We can now deliver you a Pearl Certification as part of your solar project!


What is Pearl Certification?

When you select a Pearl Advantage Contractor, you can have confidence you’re working with a top-tier firm that will help you make the right improvements and do high-quality work. Pearl accepts a small number of elite companies from each city into its Advantage Network. Contractors are screened to ensure that they have professional training, positive consumer ratings, and quality control processes and software to address customer issues.

After the completion of your solar project, Pearl will send you a certification report documenting the details of your system. Included in an official appraisal addendum that can add value to your home during sale or refinance.

Who can deliver Pearl Certifications?

Only the network of elite, vetted contractors can certify their work with Pearl. We’re thrilled to be one of the first Pearl Solar Contractors in Illinois.

If your home has many features that make it healthy, comfortable and energy efficient, it may qualify for the Pearl Silver, Gold or Platinum levels. Your contractor can give you advice about whether it might qualify for a level now, and about how you can make improvements that could get it to the next level.


Can a Pearl Certification add value to my home?

Yes! In an independent appraiser study, Pearl certified homes that were marketed properly achieved a 5% higher sales price compares to homes without a Pearl Certification.

So look to Tick Tock Energy, your local Pearl Solar Contractor, to install a certified solar system on your home for ultimate energy independence. Call us at (217) 994-9020 to see how a Pearl-certified solar system can add value to your home.

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