Power Management


Flying S Electric Submetering & Power Monitoring System

In addition to a 204.6 kW (DC) solar PV installation (see here), an electrical submetering system with web-based dashboard was also installed.  The building’s main electrical feed, solar PV output, and all major subpanels are monitored.  The energy dashboard provides detailed electrical load info to help support on-going energy management efforts to reduce consumption (kWh) and power demand (kW).


Hitachi Metals Automotive Components (HMAC)

In the deregulated electrical markets in Illinois, Tick Tock Energy helps large and small electrical consumers procure their own power supply for a lower electric rate.  We have assisted HMAC obtain competitive quotes from various alternative retail electric suppliers (ARES) and advise on their power supplier selection.  This service helps keep electric rates as low while we work with facilities to keep their consumption as low as possible.

Lighting Retrofit Companies