Trust Tick Tock Energy As Your Energy Consultant

A key component for gaining energy independence and cost control is managing your energy consumption. Businesses typically have detailed cost accounting of their various expenses, but often pay one large electric or gas bill and don’t know how and where those dollars were spent.

Let Tick Tock Energy be your energy consultant so we can help you take control of your energy costs. We can help you compare electricity rates, develop energy plans, implement electric submetering and monitoring strategies and more.  A good energy management plan for your business is a worthwhile investment.


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Compare Electricity Rates From Power Suppliers

In states like Illinois that have a deregulated power market, we can help you compare electricity rates from third-party power suppliers and lock-in a fixed-rate power contract for 12, 24, or 36 months. By freezing your rate, you avoid risk of future short-term price increases so you can better plan your utilities budget.

If you’re already under contract, give us a call anyway and we can provide a sample quote in preparation of a final quote a few months before expiration of your current contract.  For maximum results, consider augmenting this service with our other commercial solutions like an LED lighting retrofit, daylighting systems, or solar energy systems.


Electric Submetering & Energy Monitoring

Tick Tock Energy can help you monitor electricity, natural gas, and water. Submetering and monitoring is a key tactic for supporting your energy management strategy. By tracking real-time kW demand and other usage factors, you can identify energy waste in order to take action and resolve these issues.

Reducing your energy consumption and costs by 5-10% occurs when businesses and building owners are aware of how, why, where and when energy is being used each day. We’ll help you get this strategy in place.

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Manage Your Energy With The Help Of An Energy Consultant Team

Overwhelmed with all the possible retrofit projects, upgrades or utility cost-reduction initiatives possible at your facility?  Limited on time or stuck on where to start?  Consider Tick Tock as your energy consultant—or “Your Energy Manager™”—so you can focus more on your core business.

We help you develop customized energy action plans, assist with energy audits, energy project development and management, energy monitoring services, and support services.

We are available for one-time consulting or long-term assignments.  Our clients find that ongoing support plans provide them with most benefit.  With a comprehensive submetering and energy monitoring program, we can help study your trends and identify energy-saving opportunities, identify new retrofit/upgrade projects, and support your overall effort to reduce energy costs.

Why Electric Submetering & Power Management?

Do you run your business without bookkeepers and accountants?  Of course not!  Many businesses spends thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on energy, and have very little insight how energy is used in their facility and why utility expenses are so high.  This short video features one of Tick Tock’s customers explaining the importance of energy monitoring.

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