St. Louis Solar Systems

Reduce electricity bills and protect against rising energy costs with premier Midwest solar energy provider.

Tick Tock Energy provides residential and commercial power solutions for homes and businesses throughout the St. Louis area. We’ve been a leading solar and energy solutions consultant serving St. Louis, Perryville, and many surrounding areas since 2006.

Solar energy is an investment that lowers utility costs and potentially can boost property value. As a St. Louis solar installer, we provide convenient financing options to our customers. We also assist you in receiving all available state and federal incentives.

At Tick Tock, we offer financing options so you can start seeing the benefits of clean, renewable solar energy as soon as possible. We also make sure you’re set up to receive all available Missouri and federal solar incentives.

Why Choose Solar In St. Louis, Mo?

Many St. Louis homeowners and businesses have made the switch to a solar panel system from Tick Tock Energy.

A solar power system from Tick Tock Energy can help you:

  • Cut Your Electric Bill by generating electricity, you can potentially offset a portion or all of your electricity with solar.
  • Boost Your Property values: Studies from the Real Estate Appraisal Institute and others show that homes with solar panels typically sell for more and faster.
  • Protect Against Inflation:Free, clean electricity from the sun can shield you or your business from rising energy costs.
  • Gain Access to Incentives: State incentives are available. Ameren Missouri customers receive solar rebates for their home or businesses, and Federal Investment Tax Credits are also available.
  • Invest in Clean Energy: Clean, renewable energy sources like solar reduces our reliance on nuclear, coal and gas powered plants. These traditional energy sources have indirect impacts on the environment.

Incentives Available to St. Louis, MO Solar Customers

Ameren Missouri Solar Incentives

There’s never been a better time to install solar power in St. Louis thanks to Ameren’s Solar Rebates. Missouri customers can receive a $250 per kiloWatt rebate for solar panel installations on their homes or business.

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Residential Federal Investment Tax Credits (ITC)

Solar projects completed in 2021 are eligible for a 26% federal income tax credit. This savings will drop to 22% in 2023 and phase out in 2024 for residential solar customers. Take advantage of this excellent federal program while it is still available!

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Commercial Federal Investment Tax Credits (ITC)

For St. Louis businesses, solar projects beginning in 2021 and 2022 receive a 26% federal income tax credit. The credit drops to 22% in 2023 and then down to 10% in 2024. Act now on this federal program while the incentive are at their highest!

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Need a Solar System in St. Louis? Contact Tick Tock Energy!

Tick Tock Energy is a family-owned solar energy leader in St. Louis since 2006.

With Tick Tock Energy, you protect the environment and invest in your home or business, all while cutting down on energy bills. We’re proud to serve the St. Louis community with your energy-efficient solar panel needs. Contact Tick Tock Energy today to get started.