Teutopolis, IL’s Source for Expert Solar Panel Installation

Have you ever considered powering your home, farm, or business with solar power? There are virtually endless benefits that you can take advantage of when you ditch your electricity provider and opt to generate your own power with solar panels.

If you are looking to improve your property value and reduce energy costs for your home, farm, or business in Teutopolis, IL, look no further than solar panel installation with Tick Tock Energy.

Your Solar Panel Experts

Since 2006, Tick Tock Energy has been a reliable source for all things solar. However, our specialty is solar panel installation. In fact, we provide top-rated solar panels with award-winning installation services. We offer customizable solar power systems to help power your building. Our team of solar power experts can determine the best setup to maximize your sun-harnessing capabilities—whether that be with roof-mounted or ground-mounted solar panels or a solar carport.

To further increase your energy savings and maximize your property’s value, we also offer solar batteries that can complement your solar panels by storing energy. And, to provide energy security, we can equip your property with reliable backup generators.

Making Solar Panels Accessible & Affordable

Our goal is to make top-rated solar panels more accessible and affordable because we know how much value they provide. That is why we offer convenient solar financing options.

In addition, there are multiple solar tax credits that can make investing in solar more affordable. However, navigating these programs can be confusing. Our team is well-versed in these incentive programs, and we are happy to provide expert guidance so you can increase your ROI.

Learn More About Solar Panel Installation

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of solar power, contact Tick Tock Energy today! We are proud to provide our solar panel installation services to homeowners, farmers, and business owners in Teutopolis, IL.