WINDSOR, ILLINOIS.,  A unique, rural central Illinois residential property featuring one of the world’s only goat towers just added another innovative addition-solar power.   The project’s site is the home of David and Marcia Johnson, located adjacent to the Wolf Creek Campground at Lake Shelbyville.  Their home, also dubbed “Goat Tower Farm”, has been a unique attraction for many years, as it features a 31-foot, 276-step goat tower-one of the few that exist in the world.

Although solar panels are increasingly springing up on homes throughout Illinois, this project features a 37.8 kW (DC) ground-mounted array and may be the largest residential solar PV installation in the State.  The project recently completed by Effingham-based Tick Tock Energy features over 120 SolarWorld modules rated at 315 Watts each supported by two pipe-frame racks mounted nearby the goat tower and owner’s home.   Tick Tock’s President Eric Pals stated, “The system was sized to generate around 53,000 kWh per year and offset 100% of the home’s annual electricity consumption.   As far as I know and from checking with other industry contacts, this may be the largest residential solar installation in Illinois”.

The Saanen milk goats that use the Johnson’s tower are not the only ones who will benefit from the solar array. The Johnsons also use their property to cultivate several large gardens and donate produce to local food banks, which serve those struggling to get by with low incomes. Tick Tock’s solar array will generate all of the electricity required for the property, boosting their energy independence, while supporting the Johnson’s effort to help the less fortunate have access to healthy, pesticide-free, and non-GMO produce.

About Tick Tock Energy, Inc.

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