Wall-Mounted Solar Awnings & Solar Canopies

Tick Tock Energy provides full-service installations of solar canopies, solar patio covers and wall-mounted solar awnings.

These creative solutions are designed to work-around sites with limited roof space for solar panels, better sun capture, or create an cool shade structure that generates power too!


Wall-Mounted Solar Arrays / Solar Awnings

Lacking a good south-facing roof?  If you have a south-facing wall but an east-west roofline, a wall-mount is a great option.

Mounting solar to a south-facing wall has many additional benefits:

  • Extra solar energy capture: a wall-mount can take advantage of collecting an energy boost from reflected sunlight off the wall.
  • Cooler operation: with better air circulation around the panels, solar cells operate cooler for improved.
  • Building shade: a wall-mounted solar array helps shade the south-facing wall and lower heat gain to the structure. For air-conditioned buildings, this can have an extra energy benefit by reducing cooling loads.

Solar Patios

Solar Canopy / Solar Patio Covers

Solar canopies or solar patio covers are a great dual-use approach for enhancing your backyard while generating clean solar power.

Tick Tock Energy utilizes several quality vendors including Lumos Solar which offers various structural solutions for mounting solar on patios, shade structures, awnings and other custom applications. Frameless and translucent solar panels create shade but also provide partial light transmittance for a great aesthetic.

If you’re interested in learning more about solar canopies, solar awnings, and solar patio covers, contact Tick Tock Energy today.

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