Ground mounted solar panels in Illinois When to Choose Ground-Mounted Solar vs. 2-Axis Tracker?

Tick Tock Energy is Illinois’ leading solar panel installation company, offering top-rated solar panels to homes, farms, and businesses throughout the area. We provide flexible solar panel systems to best suit the unique needs of your property and your building. Ground-mounted solar panels and 2-axis solar trackers are two of the systems we provide, but which is best for you? Let’s find out!

What is a Ground-Mounted Solar Panel System?

Ground-mounted solar panels are a popular configuration for homes and farms across Illinois. In fact, about 30% of the solar panel systems we install for farms and homes are ground mounted. While there are various configurations and styles for solar panel setups, ground-mounted solar panels offer many unique benefits.

When to Choose Ground-Mounted Solar

Ground-mounted solar panels are ideal for properties with unused ground areas free of shade. They are also a great option for customers who do not want to have solar panels on their roofs.

Ground-mounted solar panels also offer more economical installations and usage. As free-standing structures, ground-mounted solar panels are open frame structures which allows for better ventilation and improves electrical efficiency.

What is a 2-Axis Solar Tracking System?

2-axis solar tracking panels are another type of solar panel system. The main differentiator for the 2-axis tracker is that it follows the sun throughout the day. The system will adjust its tilt using GPS to track the sun to maximize the energy harnessed.

When to Choose 2-Axis Tracking

The 2-axis tracking solar panel system is best for properties with limited shade-free areas. The tracker will produce more electricity in areas with limited solar capacity.

Solar Panel Installation with Tick Tock Energy

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