Should I Get Ground-Mounted or Roof-Mounted Solar Panels?

If you are thinking about improving your Illinois home, farm, or business with solar panels, there is one big question that needs to be answered: Ground-mounted solar panels or roof-mounted solar panels?

The answer will vary based on your preference as well as the layout of your property, and the amount of energy your panels need to produce. There are also pros and cons to each type of solar panel configuration, so let’s dive in!

Which Solar Panel System is Best for My Property?

Roof-mounted solar panels are a great choice for properties that have limited space with high sun rating. On the flip side, ground-mounted solar panels are ideal for customers who have plenty of unused land with little to no shade.

Which Solar Panel System is More Affordable?

As always, this answer can vary case by case, but more often than not, the most affordable solar panel system is a ground-mounted configuration. There is always an inherent risk when work is done on a roof, meaning the project will require more safety measures and more time. Whereas ground-mounted solar panels can be installed quicker, reducing the cost of installation.

Which Solar Panel System is More Efficient?

Ground-mounted solar panels are often more efficient in their energy production. Typically, ground mounts are tilted at 30 degrees and roofs range from flat to 20 degrees or less. Here in the Midwest, a solar panel tilted at 30 degrees will yield greater energy production per year compared to the same panel mounted at a lower slope.

Learn More About Solar Panel Installation

No matter what, our team will always conduct a thorough survey of your land to determine the absolute best solar panel system for your property and energy needs.

If you are ready to learn more about our reliable solar panel installation and which system is best for you, contact us at Tick Tock Energy.