How Do Solar Panels Work?

How Do Solar Panels Work | Tick Tock Energy Solar energy is quickly becoming a popular choice to power homes, farms, and businesses throughout Illinois and the Midwest. Why? Because of the many (and endless) benefits they provide. Not only is solar energy a clean, renewable source of electricity, but it is also more affordable than traditional energy sources such as oil or coal. But how do solar panels work, and how can they save you money? Tick Tock Energy is here to let you know!

How Do Solar Panels Create Affordable Energy?

Solar panels harness energy from the sun, which is converted to electricity. As the sun shines on the panels, the photovoltaic (PV) cells in the panels allow the electricity to flow.

The reason that this is such an affordable form of energy is because you are essentially producing the electricity yourself instead of buying it from the electricity company. However, the upfront cost of solar can be intimidating to some—even though the long-term savings will pay for the investment again and again. At Tick Tock Energy, we know that the installation costs can deter homeowners, farmers, and businesses from converting to solar, which is why we offer access to solar financing options. Likewise, we provide expert guidance on solar incentive programs to help maximize our customers’ return on investment.

Illinois’ Solar Panel Installation Specialist

Since 2006, Tick Tock Energy has been a trusted solar contractor throughout Illinois and surrounding states. Our solar panel installers have years of experience and hold advanced certifications to ensure your peace of mind. What’s more, we install top-rated solar panels that are thoroughly tested and provide efficient energy production and longevity.

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