One of the best parts of being a local solar company are the unique and quirky sights you see in customers’ backyards. In our 13 years of being Central Illinois’ go-to solar installer, we’ve seen our fair share or cool and interesting highlights along the way. Here are just a few!


The African Savanna meets the front lawn of our customers in Altamont, Illinois. The retired couple who own the solar installation have traveled the world, and the wife has a long career in photography. Having taken photos around the globe, including the plains of Africa, she enjoys the sight of tall, beautiful giraffe sculptures alongside her new 5.44 kW (DC) solar installation.



An ancient beast keeps lookout over our customers’ sleek, modern 9.4 kW (DC) solar installation in Charleston, Illinois. The mammoth sculpture is part of a beautiful yard that also includes a manmade stream and historic cemetery. The retired couple who own the mammoth and solar installation had the massive steel beast shipped all the way from Tijuana, Mexico to its new home in the Midwest. The owner likes to wonder what the ancient behemoth might be thinking when is sees the future of energy production.



ground mounted solar panels goat farm

Under the watchful eyes of Saanen milk goats, our customers’ large 37.8 kW (DC) ground-mounted solar array offsets 100% of the family’s annual electrical consumption. At the time, the project in Shelbyville, Illinois was one of the state’s largest residential solar installation. Not only does it power the family’s goat business, it also helps the family grow pesticide-free, non-GMO produce they donate to a local foodbank for the less fortunate.