Solar Systems and Energy Security More Important than Ever 

Families, schools, businesses and entire industries are being faced with brand new challenges due to   COVID-19 and the restrictions put in place across the country and Illinois.  We are all adapting and finding ways to adjust and operate “business as usual” as best as we can.  As an essential business and supporting other essential operations, we have not stopped our work but have adjusted.  It is our priority to protect the health of our customers, employees, and vendors yet maintain delivery of crucial energy infrastructure that solar provides in these difficult situations.  For many years, we’ve performed much of our work remotely.  We can do our estimating, analysis, and even proposal discussions remotely (if needed) through the technologies we have at hand.  

Our office has been complying with the Minimum Basic Operations and social distancing guidelines issued by Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order on March 20th.  Tick Tock Energy’s normal operations already rely heavily on telecommunication technology to support remote work and we adapted quickly.   

To help reduce social interaction, we are largely operating under a virtual communication environment. This means that: 

  • Most of our staff will be primarily working from home until the Executive Order is lifted.  Team members who are working from our office are required to abide by social distancing and sanitary guidelines. 
  • The Illinois Shines Program (administering the SREC incentive) requires we temporarily curtail face-to-face sales appointments with customers.   Our appointments are now conducted by phone and video only until further notice. 
  • We are working very hard to make sure the process is simple and an effective communication medium for our team members and customers. 
  • Our solar installation work will continue.  Since most solar installation work is performed outside on rooftops or open ground areas, we can proceed with minimal to no interaction with the customer.  For electrical work that might be done indoors (like running wiring through attics or connecting solar to service panels in basements or garages), we seek our customers permission to enter and abide by their wishes, and of course practice our social distancing.  

Although this pandemic is a major shock to our economy, healthcare system, and normal life, we foresee continued strong demand for solar.  Now more than ever, folks are concerned about energy security and independence, and of course saving money with lower electrical costs.  A grid-tied solar array can reduce reliance on the electric utility, qualify for great incentives, and reduce electricity costs which we estimate for each job.   Adding batteries and/or a backup electric generator can provide critical power in the potential event of electrical shortages or outages.  We have several battery-based solutions that can help provide energy security.  Our sales consultants can help guide you through the options available. 

REFERRALS?   Know someone interested in solar and greater energy security? 

We pay for referrals and then again when a referral does a project.   In these financially challenging times, cutting utility costs can help boost cashflow.  If you know someone, contact us today and we’ll let you know about our referral rewards program. 

We are still here working for you! 

From all of us at Tick Tock Energy, we wish you good health and peace of mind during this unprecedented situation.   Our mission is to help boost energy and financial independence and we’ll continue to work hard to help in these challenging times.  Please stay healthy and safe and let us know how might help.