Kaskaskia College Goes Solar with Tick Tock Energy

Centralia, IL – Local solar installer Tick Tock Energy recently completed a solar project for Kaskaskia College in Centralia, IL. The project features a ground mount solar installation that generates up to 50.4 kW (DC) of electricity using (126) 400W solar modules, (2) SolarEdge inverters which convert DC electricity to AC, and (63) power optimizers to balance the power output of the solar array. The project is expected to have a large impact on lowering energy costs for the college for decades to come.

Prior to installing solar, Kaskaskia College completed several energy efficiency upgrades on their facility. These included: new LED fixtures along sidewalks and parking lots, the installation of new energy efficient HVAC systems and controls, and several geothermal applications.

Tick Tock Energy competed against many other companies in an RFP (request for proposal) process and was selected as the most qualified bidder. Affordable Gas & Electric (AGE) served as the College’s project administrator. Other participants in the project included WRF Engineers, and the Clinton County Electrical Cooperative. On June 17, members from each of the parties involved participated in a webinar which outlined the details of the project.

Craig Roper, KCC’s Director of Purchasing and Auxiliary, explained, “We wanted to dip our toe in the solar water and were fortunate enough to receive a grant from the Illinois Green Economy Network, which is a collaboration between community colleges whose mission is to support Green Initiatives within the state of Illinois. We want to acknowledge the Illinois Green Economy Network for that funding opportunity. We estimate that this solar installation will save us at least $6000 per year.”

Craig Pals, VP of Tick Tock Energy, added, “we were ecstatic to work with Kaskaskia College on this project and help lower the College’s operating costs while also boosting the visibility of clean energy to the students, staff, and community. We have done several commercial-scale solar installations in Centralia and are proud to have delivered another successful solar system in the area.”

Tick Tock Energy, headquartered in Effingham, IL, is a leading family-operated solar installer in Illinois and the Midwest for residential, farm, business, and non-profit customers and has been recognized as a Top 500 Solar Contractor in the US for the past 6 years. Tick Tock Energy is known for superior high-quality solar systems providing long-lasting value.

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