Ground Mounted Solar

Washington County, IL – When Wayne Grote decided to retire, his mind turned to lowering the monthly household expenses that he and his wife, LuAnn, pay for their home just north of Hoyleton, IL. After some research, he found that one of the most cost-effective decisions he could make was to go solar. For Wayne, that meant looking into solar companies who could help design a system that would maximize his return on investment. It also meant that the company needed to understand the solar interconnection policies of the Tri-County Electric Coop. Ultimately, the Grotes realized that backing up their solar array with batteries was the most cost-effective solution.

“The first company that gave me a quote scared me off with their estimated project cost. Luckily the team from Tick Tock Energy were able to bring this project back to reality,” said Grote.

The solar system that Tick Tock Energy designed is a ground mounted system, meaning it stands alone supported by a metal racking structure, as opposed to being mounted on the roof. The system features twenty-four QCELL 400W solar modules and one Sol-Ark 12k Inverter, which converts the DC electricity generated by the solar modules into AC energy to be used inside the home.

After further review of the Tri-County Electric Coop utility policy, the Grotes elected to install eight batteries with a rack inside a small shed, or as Wayne likes to call it, his “Solar Shack,” between the home and solar array. The battery bank will supply the home’s energy when the sun goes down each evening instead of drawing energy from the grid. Additionally, if power is lost, a generator is set to turn on to power the home’s essential electric loads. The installation was completed in May 2021.

Tick Tock Energy estimates that this solar installation reduce the Grotes’ residential electrical costs approximately $1400 a year in electricity costs. Factoring in electricity inflation, the project is forecast to reduce electric costs over $35,000 over the next 20 years.

“Tick Tock is in the business of taking care of people, not just installing solar systems. That focus on care is very apparent,” said Grote.

Tick Tock Energy, headquartered in Effingham, IL, is a leading solar installer in Illinois and the Midwest for residential, farm, business, and non-profit customers and has been recognized as a Top 500 Solar Contractor in the US for the past 6 years. Tick Tock Energy’s mission is to educate, inspire, and motivate individuals and businesses to pursue energy independence. The company is celebrating its 15th year in business and is known for its top-quality solar installations. More information is available at or by calling (217) 994-9020.

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