Tick Tock Energy was recently chosen as the solar contractor for the competitive Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) Solar Group Buy Program. This is an exciting development for Tick Tock and to further advance solar in the Lake Land College District.

The MREA Group Buy Program is an effort to bring solar opportunities to a region through education and the power of collective purchasing.

As MREA states on their website, “The purpose of a Group Buy Program, also known as a Solarize program, is to increase education of local consumers about solar photovoltaics (PV), and increase market penetration of residential and small commercial solar PV through a group-purchasing program.”

The largest benefit to residents of the Lake Land College District is the ability to reduce the costs of installing solar in their community. For a limited, area home, farm and business owners can participate in the Solarize program and the more who participate the lower the costs for everyone.

Plus, by providing education to residents ahead of time, the Group Buy Program further reduces the marketing costs to the installer, Tick Tock Energy.

As MREA states, “

[The Group Buy Program] lowers the solar installer’s ‘soft costs’ further by providing up-front customer education en masse, leading to a higher-than-average conversion rate for solar leads.”

Tick Tock Energy Vice President Craig Pals said he and is honored and excited to be chosen as the solar installer for the MREA East Central Illinois Solar Group Buy Program.

“We are super excited that we were awarded this great opportunity,” Pals said. “Having worked in East Central Illinois for the past 13 years, we have a strong working relationship and knowledge of Ameren and the eight rural and municipal electric utilities in the area. We’ve been recognized as a Top 500 Solar Contractor in the US for the past four years, and this selection is another great recognition of our hard work bringing solar to the region.”

On top of the Federal Solar Tax Credit, Illinois Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), and other incentives, the MREA Group Buy Program is another layer of savings community members can achieve by going solar in 2019.

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