Leading Midwest Solar Installer Celebrates 15 Years in Business

Tick Tock Energy is excited to commemorate its fifteenth anniversary! The Effingham, Illinois-based company was founded in 2006 and led by brothers Eric and Craig Pals. As Central Illinois’ pioneer in the renewable energy and energy-efficiency industry, the company continues to grow and tackle new challenges. Today, Tick Tock Energy is primarily focused on solar photovoltaic installations for residential, farm and commercial customers. Other services include commercial lighting upgrades, power monitoring & energy management solutions, and an innovative daylighting solution.

Tick Tock Energy is known for quality solar installations and has been recognized as a Top 500 Solar Contractor in the U.S. for six consecutive years. Pals Electric (Teutopolis, IL) is sub-contracted to install the solar systems that Tick Tock Energy designs for their customers. Pals Electric was founded by Mike Pals (Eric and Craig’s father) and is now run by Matt Pals (Eric and Craig’s brother).

In 2006, the solar industry was in its infancy in Illinois. Tick Tock Energy was one of just a few companies who offered solar services in downstate Illinois or the greater Midwest for that matter. Around 2015, the company saw an increasing demand for solar installations. Tick Tock has installed a wide variety of solar systems and has the expertise to tackle different customer needs. From rooftop, ground mount, commercial solar carports, solar tracking systems and others, we’ve seen it all. Today the demand for batteries for energy storage and emergency backup purposes is a new growth area for the company.

Tick Tock currently staffs fourteen full-time employees and are looking to add new positions in 2021. Through its network of subcontractors, many other field installation positions are employed as well. Eric Pals, President, commented “we’re proud of our accomplishments and very grateful for the dedicated support from our employees, subcontractors, vendors and our customers.”

The industry is known for ups-and-downs, also known as the ‘solar coaster,’ and Craig Pals, Vice President, added “we’ve seen a lot of changes and evolution in our business but we look for solid growth and look to grow our area workforce.”

From small residential solar arrays to large commercial operations, you can be sure that Tick Tock Energy has the know-how to bring your solar project to life and let you take control of your energy independence. Today, Tick Tock Energy is tackling its largest commercial project in 2021 at 700 kW and has a diverse mix of activity in the Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana markets.

Here’s to the next fifteen years!