Farm Solar Panels: A Wise Investment for any Agricultural Enterprise in Charleston, IL 

An increasing number of farmers in Charleston, Illinois, are opting to invest in solar panels due to their extensive list of advantages. Among these benefits, the most significant is the substantial reduction in energy costs compared to conventional energy sources. If you’re seeking a means to enhance your farm’s value, our team at Tick Tock Energy is here to assist. With a track record dating back to 2006, we specialize im solar panel installation, including farm solar panels, and provide comprehensive solar and energy efficiency solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Types of Farm Solar Panels We Install 

At Tick Tock Energy, we provide farmers with a diverse array of solar panel options. For various roof types, including angled shingle to metal, and small to large roofs, roof-mounted farm solar panels stand out as an excellent option. Meanwhile, ground-mounted farm solar panels prove ideal for farms with available unused land. Regardless of your farm’s type, our certified solar installers are ready to assist you in determining the most suitable solar panel option for your property. 

Catering to Various Applications 

Tailored to suit various farm types, our solar panels are an ideal fit for commercial, residential, and rural farms of all sizes. Our installation experience spans across a range of farm categories, including: 

  • Grain farms 
  • Dairy farms 
  • Hog farms 
  • Poultry farms 
  • Turkey farms 

Tick Tock Energy also recognizes that solar panel installation can involve significant upfront costs, which is why we offer convenient financing solutions designed to make these expenses more manageable for you. 

Learn More 

If you’d like more information regarding the farm solar panels we install throughout Charleston, IL, or wish to get started on a custom installation plan for your agricultural property, get in touch with Tick Tock Energy today.