Need Ground-Mounted Solar Panels in the Marshall, IL, Area?

Does the roof at your home, farm, or business in the Marshall, Illinois, area not get much sunlight throughout the day? Perhaps your roof isn’t in the best condition, and you’re not ready to perform the work necessary or have it replaced to prepare it for solar panel installation. Maybe the building itself is on the smaller side, and you’d like to have more solar panels installed than it can hold. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, don’t fret; we at Tick Tock Energy specialize in ground-mounted solar panel installation. Ground-mounted solar panels offer a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Versatile configuration options – Ground-mounted panels can be installed in whatever shape and size works best for you, since they’re not limited by the footprint of your roof.
  • Easy installation – Since these panels are mounted on the ground, they’re much simpler to install and don’t require any work to be done to your roof.
  • Top-performing efficiency – Solar panels need excellent ventilation to perform their best. Ground-mounted panels have the benefit of added airflow to prevent them from overheating and improve their efficiency.

The Tick Tock Energy Difference

At Tick Tock Energy, our motto is Thumbs Up for Solar℠ because we make it easy for homeowners, business owners, and farm owners to offset costs with solar energy solutions. Our customers love that we help them navigate the available tax incentives—such as the Illinois Shines Solar Energy Renewable Credit—to get the most out of their investment. And, we’re the only PEARL-certified company in the state of Illinois, making us a member of an elite group of top-tier contractors that are dedicated to excellence.

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