Cut Costs with Convenient Farm Solar Panel Installation in Mattoon, IL

Are you a farm owner looking to improve your operating costs? Or maybe you’re looking to run a more sustainable farm. Either way, Tick Tock Energy can help with our top-rated solar panels, which offer convenient cost savings to farmers in Mattoon, Illinois.

Why Choose Solar Panels for Your Farm?

While there are many benefits that come with the use of solar panels, farmers often find that the most impactful is the money they save each month. And with the unpredictable and always rising costs of traditional energy sources, solar power is a breath of fresh air, as it provides you with reliable energy at a lower cost.

If that wasn’t reason enough, there are also many federal and local tax incentive programs that can further improve your return on investment. These tax break programs include:

  • Illinois Shines Solar Energy Renewable Credit (SREC)
  • USDA grants

We are here to provide expert guidance as you navigate these solar tax incentives and their benefits.

Solar Farm Financing

The cost of installation is one of the biggest reasons why many people do not take advantage of using solar power. This is why we offer financing for our farm solar panel installations. We believe everyone should be able to reap the benefits of solar power, so we do all that we can to make solar panels more accessible and affordable.

Learn More About Powering Your Farm with Solar Panels

If you are ready to learn more about our farm solar panel installation options, contact us at Tick Tock Energy. Proudly providing farm solar panels in Mattoon, IL, and surrounding areas.