The Benefits of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Did you know that solar panels don’t have to be installed on a roof? That’s right; they can also be installed in their own, unique configurations mounted on the ground. Ground-mounted solar panels have become a favorite among our customers thanks to their numerous benefits, including:

Versatile Configurations

Our ground-mounted solar panels can be installed in a variety of configurations and sizes to suit your home’s specific energy needs. Not only that, but ground-mounted panels can be installed at an ideal angle to maximize sun exposure, something that’s not always possible with roof-mounted panels.

Simple Installation

Maybe you’ve wanted to have solar panels installed at your home for some time, but your roof is mostly shaded, isn’t in great shape, or doesn’t offer the space to reasonably accommodate panels. Ground-mounted solar panels can easily be installed anywhere on your property, allowing you to choose the sunniest location and enjoy simple installation that doesn’t require roof work.

Excellent Ventilation

Did you know that solar panels need to stay relatively cool in order for them to function their best? Ground-mounted solar panels have room beneath them for air to flow freely, helping prevent them from getting too hot. This added ventilation could help improve your solar panels’ performance.

Get in Touch

Thinking about having ground-mounted solar panels installed at your Illinois home, farm, or business? If so, look no further than Tick Tock Energy to get the job done right! We are the only PEARL-certified company in the state, offer convenient solar financing for those who qualify, and will help educate you on all of the credits and incentives available, such as the Illinois Shines Solar Energy Renewable Credit. Get in touch today to learn more and schedule a consultation to come up with a custom installation plan for your home!