Find The Right Energy Saving Company For Your Business

Energy costs for many businesses are a major expense, but with the right investment, those costs can be controlled or potentially largely eliminated. There are many energy service companies that offer only one product or solution.

However, Tick Tock Energy offers multiple energy-saving solutions that can help you control energy costs at your business.

We trademarked the approach “REDUCE-PRODUCE-MANAGE®” to describe the path of energy independence which consists of the following steps:

1. REDUCE with energy-efficiency
2. PRODUCE your own energy with clean, renewable energy
3. MANAGE your energy use with energy monitoring and management activities

With focus and action you can turn your facility into a power-generation asset!
The image below illustrates our philosophy:




Tick Tock’s Areas of Expertise

Lighting & Energy Efficiency

Our specialists at Tick Tock Energy are experts in finding solutions for clients such as:

  • LED Interior Lighting
  • LED Exterior Lighting
  • Skylights & Natural Daylighting

Lighting has a profound influence on your employees and customers. From losses in employee productivity to customers choosing to shop elsewhere, poor-quality lighting can cost your business significantly.

Old lighting technology is also a major energy consumer and maintenance expense. We help your business become more profitable through energy-efficient lighting and natural daylighting solutions.


Commercial Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installations

Convert Sunshine Into Cashflow (SM)! Turn your unused rooftop, land or parking lot into a power generating asset! A Tick Tock Energy solar power installation can help generate a small or large portion of your electrical needs. The planet is blessed with abundant solar energy from the sun, so turn photons into electrons and turn electrons into saved cash!

We believe there is a smarter way of achieving energy independence. We leverage our comprehensive energy services to help maximize the impact that solar power has on your electric bill.


Reduce Before Produce?

No, it’s not necessary to implement energy-efficiency before adding solar. However, it should be part of your plan. Time is money, and solar is easy and quick to deploy—so don’t wait!

As part of an overall Energy Action Plan, we can identify opportunities in your facility to REDUCE, PRODUCE and MANAGE—and then size your solar array accordingly.


Don’t Ignore Energy Usage – Manage It!

Most companies spend considerable money on employing bookkeeping and accounting staff to account for all types of items in their businesses. However, most facilities get one electric bill, one gas bill, and business managers sometimes don’t know exactly where those thousands of dollars get spent.

A key aspect of any energy saving plan is energy management. As an energy services company, Tick Tock specializes in:

Power Management, including:

  • Energy Submetering & Monitoring
  • Electricity Supply Purchasing
  • Energy Consulting & “My Energy Manager(SM)” Services


We Provide Solutions for a Variety of Businesses

We primarily cater our services toward the sectors/building types listed below. If you don’t see your facility type listed, contact us today so we can help or refer you to another specialist in our network.

  • Commercial buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities & warehouses
  • Truck stops & transportation facilities
  • Convenience stores & gas stations
  • Automobile dealerships & facilities
  • Agricultural implement dealers
  • Big box/corporate retail buildings
  • Banking centers
  • Medical marijuana growing facilities

Learn more about the markets we serve.

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